Abs Warning Light Check; Ebd Warning Light (Brake Warning Light) Check; Dtc Check - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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Problem symptom confirmation
Check if what the customer claimed in "Customer
Questionnaire" is actually found in the vehicle and if that
symptom is found, whether it is identified as a failure.
(This step should be shared with the customer if
possible.) Check warning lights related to brake system
referring to "EBD Warning Light (Brake Warning Light)
Check" and "ABS Warning Light Check".
DTC check, record and clearance
Perform "DTC Check" procedure, record it and then
clear it referring to "DTC Clearance".
Recheck DTC referring to "DTC Check".
When DTC which is recorded at DTC check procedure is
detected again after performing DTC clearance, go to
"Step 4: ABS Check: " to proceed the diagnosis.
When DTC which is recorded at DTC check procedure is
not indicated anymore after performing DTC clearance,
ABS control module does not perform the system
diagnosis, or temporary abnormality may occur,
therefore go to "Step 2: Driving Test: " to proceed the
Step 2: Driving Test
Test drive the vehicle at 40 km/h (25 MPH) for more than
a minute and check if any trouble symptom (such as
abnormal lighting of ABS warning light) exists.
If the malfunction DTC is confirmed again at ignition
switch ON, driving test as described is not necessary.
Proceed to Step 3.
Step 3: DTC Check
Recheck DTC referring to "DTC Check".
Step 4: ABS Check
According to ABS Check for the DTC confirmation in
Step 3, locate the cause of the trouble, namely in a
sensor, switch, wire harness, connector, actuator
assembly or other part and repair or replace faulty parts.
Step 5: Brakes Diagnosis
Check the parts or system suspected as a possible
cause referring to "Brakes Symptom Diagnosis in
Section 4A" and based on symptoms appearing on the
vehicle (symptom obtained through Steps 1 and 2 and
repair or replace faulty parts, if any).
Step 6: Check for Intermittent Problem
Check parts where an intermittent trouble is easy to
occur (e.g., wire harness, connector, etc.), referring to
"Intermittent and Poor Connection Inspection in Section
00" and related circuit of trouble code recorded in Step 1
to 3.
Step 7: Final Confirmation Test
Confirm that the problem symptom has gone and the
ABS is free from any abnormal conditions. If what has
been repaired is related to the malfunction DTC, clear
the DTC once referring to "DTC Clearance" and perform
test driving and confirm that no DTC is indicated.

ABS Warning Light Check

1) Turn ignition switch ON.
2) Check that ABS warning light (1) comes ON for
about 2 seconds and then goes off.
If any faulty condition is found, advance to "ABS
Warning Light Does Not Come ON at Ignition Switch
ON" or "ABS Warning Light Comes ON Steady".
EBD Warning Light (Brake Warning Light)
Perform this check on a level place.
1) Turn ignition switch ON with parking brake applied.
2) Check that EBD warning light (brake warning light)
(1) is turned ON.
3) Release parking brake with ignition switch ON and
check that EBD warning light (brake warning light)
goes off.
If it doesn't go off, go to "EBD Warning Light (Brake
Warning Light) Comes ON Steady".
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents