Power Assisted Steering System; Precautions; P/S System Note; Precautions In Diagnosing Troubles - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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Power Assisted Steering System


P/S System Note

All steering gear fasteners are important attaching parts in that they could affect the performance of
vital parts and systems, and/or could result in major repair expense. They must be replaced with one of
the same part number or with an equivalent part if replacement becomes necessary. Do not use a
replacement part of lesser quality or substitute design. Torque values must be used as specified
during reassembly to assure proper retention of these parts.

Precautions in Diagnosing Troubles

• Take a note of DTC indicated on the SUZUKI scan tool.
• Before inspection, be sure to read "Precautions for Electrical Circuit Service in Section 00" and understand what is
written there.
• DTC C1122 (engine speed signal failure) is indicated when ignition switch is at ON position and engine is not
running, but it means there is nothing abnormal if indication changes to a normal one when engine is started.
• As DTC is stored in memory of the P/S control module, be sure to clear memory after repair by performing the
procedure described in "DTC Clearance".
Power Assisted Steering System:




Table of Contents

Table of Contents