Valves And Cylinder Head Removal And Installation - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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1D-40 Engine Mechanical:
Valves and Cylinder Head Removal and
1) Remove engine assembly from vehicle referring to
"Engine Assembly Removal and Installation".
2) Remove oil pan referring to "Oil Pan and Oil Pump
Strainer Removal and Installation in Section 1E".
3) Remove cylinder head cover referring to "Cylinder
Head Cover Removal and Installation".
4) Remove timing chain cover referring to Steps 2) to
11) of "Removal" in "Timing Chain Cover Removal
and Installation".
5) Remove timing chain referring to Steps 2) to 6) of
"Removal" in "Timing Chain and Chain Tensioner
Removal and Installation".
6) Remove intake and exhaust camshafts referring to
Steps 3) to 8) of "Removal" in "Camshaft, Tappet and
Shim Removal and Installation".
7) Loosen cylinder head bolts in such order as
indicated in figure by using a 12 corner socket
wrenches and remove them.
Don't forget to remove bolt (M8) (1) as shown
in figure.
8) Check all around cylinder head for any other parts
required to be removed or disconnected and remove
or disconnect whatever necessary.
9) Remove exhaust manifold, if necessary referring to
"Exhaust Manifold Removal and Installation in
Section 1K".
10) Remove cylinder head with intake manifold and
exhaust manifold. Use lifting device, if necessary.
1) Clean mating surface of cylinder head and cylinder
block. Remove oil, old gasket and dust from mating
2) Make sure that oil jet (venturi plug) (1) is not
clogged. If it is not installed, install it as specified
Tightening torque
Venturi plug (a): 5 N·m (0.5 kgf-m, 3.5 lb-ft)
3) Install knock pins (1) to cylinder block.
4) Install new cylinder head gasket (2) to cylinder block.
"Top" or triangle mark provided on gasket comes to
crankshaft pulley side, facing up (toward cylinder
head side).


Table of Contents

Table of Contents