Excessive Pedal Travel Inspection; Brake Fluid Level Inspection - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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4A-6 Brake Control System and Diagnosis:

Excessive Pedal Travel Inspection

1) Start engine.
2) Depress brake pedal a few times.
3) With brake pedal depressed with approximately 300
N (30 kg, 66 lbs) load, measure brake pedal to wall
(dash panel silencer) clearance "a". If clearance is
out of specification, possible causes are as follows.
If clearance "a" is less than specification, the most
possible cause is that air is in lines or brake fluid
Should clearance "a" remain less than specification
even after bleeding of system, other possible but
infrequent cause is malfunction of booster push rod
length out of adjustment.
• Bleed brake system. Refer to "Air Bleeding of
Brake System".
Brake pedal arm to wall clearance "a"
When pedal is depressed at 300 N (30 kg, 66 lbs)
"a": Over 40 mm (1.57 in.)

Brake Fluid Level Inspection

Do not use shock absorber fluid or any other
fluid which contains mineral oil. Do not use a
container which has been used for mineral oil
or a container which is wet from water.
Mineral oil will cause swelling and distortion
of rubber parts in hydraulic brake system and
water mixed into brake fluid will lower fluid
boiling point. Keep all fluid containers
capped to prevent contamination.
Be sure to use particular brake fluid either as
indicated on reservoir cap of that vehicle or
recommended in owner's manual which
comes along with that vehicle. Use of any
other fluid is strictly prohibited.
Fluid level should be between MIN and MAX
lines marked on reservoir.
When brake warning light lights sometimes
during driving, replenish fluid to MAX level.
When fluid decreases quickly, inspect brake
system for leakage. Correct leaky points and
then refill to specified level.
1) Check master cylinder, reservoir and reservoir hose
(if equipped) for crack, damage and brake fluid
leakage. If any faulty condition exists, correct or
2) Check that brake fluid level is between MAX (1) and
MIN marks (2) on reservoir.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents