A/C System Symptom Diagnosis - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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The form is a standard sample. It should be modified according to conditions characteristic of each
Step 2. Visual inspection
As a preliminary step, be sure to perform visual check of
the items that support proper function of the air
conditioning system referring to "Visual Inspection:
Automatic Type".
Step 3. DTC check
Check DTC referring to "DTC Check: Automatic Type".
Step 4. DTC troubleshooting
Based on the DTC, perform an applicable DTC
diagnostic flow and locate the cause of the trouble,
namely in a sensor, wire harness, connector, actuator,
HVAC control module or other part and repair faulty
Step 5. A/C system performance inspection
Inspect A/C system suspected to be a possible cause
referring to "A/C System Performance Inspection:
Manual Type".
Customer questionnaire (Example)
Step 6. A/C system symptom diagnosis
Check any part or system suspected to be a possible
cause referring to "A/C System Symptom Diagnosis:
Automatic Type".
Step 7. Check for intermittent problem
Check any part where an intermittent trouble is easy to
occur (e.g., wire harness, connector, etc.), referring to
"Intermittent and Poor Connection Inspection in Section
00" and related circuit of trouble cord recorded.
Step 8. Final confirmation test
Confirm if the problem symptom is troubleshoot and the
A/C system is free from any abnormal conditions. If there
existed DTC, clear the DTC. Then, check if the DTC is
still detected and if there is any other DTC.
Air Conditioning System: Automatic Type 7B-45


Table of Contents

Table of Contents