About Us

Surfing the internet in search of your lost manual?


Whenever you need to check out the features of your computer motherboard or your digital camera, you should simply search the manualslib.com for its manual

Who We Are

We are an international team of developers.
We met in 2012 and decided to create a project dedicated to the most useful documents, although not always the most prominent: manuals and user guides.

What We Believe

We firmly believe that the main goal of any project is to benefit the people.
Our project is primarily intended for people, including ourselves.
Our mission - make everyday life a bit easier and save people time when searching for their product manual.

What We Do

Manualslib - the largest online project dedicated to manuals and user guides.
Since the creation of the site, we tried to make it bigger and better. During this time we managed to collect an impressive base of pdf-documents.

Manualslib In Numbers:

  • A massive collection of 628278 pdf-manuals.
  • More than 914113 consumer products.
  • 12412 brands represented on our website.
  • Over 3 million visitors per month.

Our Features:

  • All manuals are available for view and download absolutely for FREE.
  • With our intelligent search you can find the right manual even if you typed its number incorrectly.
  • We divide every manual into single pages so you can find & share the pages that contain the actual information you need. For example, you can share the page in a manual that describes how to configure the channels on your TV by sending the link to your friend. He will not need to look through the entire manual to find the relevant page.
  • You can bookmark files and keep them in your account. In case they are needed later, they will always be at hand.

We hope that our site will be useful to you.
If you have additional questions, you can visit our Press page or Contact us page.