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Step 1: Customer Complaint Analysis
Record details of the problem (failure, complaint) and how it occurred as described by the customer. For this purpose,
use of such an inspection form will facilitate collecting information to the point required for proper analysis and
diagnosis. Check if the problem described in "Customer questionnaire" actually occurs in the vehicle if necessary.
(This step should be performed with the customer if possible)
This form is a standard sample. It should be modified according to conditions characteristic of each
Step 2: DTC check, record and clearance
First, referring to "DTC Check", check DTC (including
pending DTC). If DTC exists, print or write down DTC
and then clear them by referring to "DTC Clearance".
DTC indicates malfunction in the system but it is not
possible to know from it whether the malfunction is
occurring now or it occurred in the past and normal
condition has been restored. In order to know that, check
symptom in question according to Step 5 and then
recheck DTC according to Step 6 and 7.
Diagnosing a trouble based on the DTC in this step only
or failure to clear the DTC in this step may result in an
faulty diagnosis, trouble diagnosis of a normal circuit or
difficulty in troubleshooting which is otherwise
Customer questionnaire (Example)
Step 3 and Step 4: Visual inspection
As a preliminary step, be sure to perform visual check of
the items that support proper function of the P/S system
referring to "Visual Inspection".
Step 5: Trouble Symptom Confirmation
Based on information obtained in "Step 1: Customer
Complaint Analysis:" and "Step 2: DTC Check, Record
and Clearance:", confirm trouble symptoms. Also,
reconfirm trouble symptom by performing test drive and
turning steering wheel fully to right and left at stopped
Step 6 and 7: Rechecking and Record of DTC
Refer to "DTC Check" for checking procedure.
Power Assisted Steering System:


Table of Contents

Table of Contents