Steering Wheel Removal And Installation - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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Steering Wheel Removal and Installation

Do not turn the contact coil more than
allowable number of turns (about two and a
half turns from the center position clockwise
or counterclockwise respectively) with
steering wheel removed, or coil will break.
Do not hammer the end of the shaft.
Hammering it will loosen the plastic shear
pins which maintain the column length and
impair the collapsible design of the column.
1) Disconnect negative (–) cable at battery.
2) Disable air bag system referring to "Disabling Air
Bag System in Section 8B".
3) Remove driver air bag (inflator) module from
steering wheel. Refer to "Driver Air Bag (Inflator)
Module Removal and Installation in Section 8B".
4) Disconnect horn connector and audio control switch
connector, if equipped.
5) Remove steering shaft nut and then make alignment
marks (1) on steering wheel and shaft for a guide
during reinstallation.
6) Remove steering wheel using special tool.
Special tool
(A): 09944–36011
Following 2 Steps (Step 1) and 2)) are
prerequisite for installation of steering wheel.
If steering wheel has been installed without
these 2 Steps, contact coil will break when
steering wheel is turned.
1) Check that vehicle's front tires are at straight-ahead
position and contact coil is centered. If contact coil is
turned after removing steering wheel, center contact
coil referring to "Centering Contact Coil Cable
2) Install steering wheel to steering shaft with 2 grooves
(1) on contact coil fitted in 2 lugs (2) in the back of
steering wheel and also aligning marks (3) on
steering wheel and steering shaft.
3) Tighten steering shaft nut (4) to specified torque.
Tightening torque
Steering shaft nut (a): 33 N·m (3.3 kgf-m, 24.0 lb-
Steering Wheel and Column:


Table of Contents

Table of Contents