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3A-11 Drive Shaft / Axle: Front
8) Install damper (1) to specified position on drive shaft,
if equipped.
Drive shaft damper installing position
"a": 354 mm (13.9 in.) (right side)
"a": 252 mm (9.9 in.) (left side)
9) Set new differential side (or center shaft side) small
band and new differential side (or center shaft side)
boot (1) on shaft temporarily, and then apply grease
to tripod joint (2). Use specified grease in tube
included in spare parts.
10) Install tripod joint spider (3) on shaft using special
tool with hammer, directing its chamfered spline
toward wheel side, and then fasten it with new snap
ring (4) using snap ring pliers (5).
Special tool
(A): 09925–98221
11) Apply grease (including in spare parts) to inside of
tripod joint housing (1), joint it with tripod joint.
Grease color
"A": Dark gray
"A": 70 – 90 g (2.5 – 3.2 oz)
12) Fit boot (1) to grooves of shaft and housing (2) adjust
length to specification below.
13) Insert screw driver into boot and allow air to enter
boot so that air pressure in boot becomes the same
as atmospheric pressure.
Drive shaft boot fixing position (distance
between housing end and small boot band)
Left side drive shaft "a": 153.9 mm (6.06 in.)
Right side drive shaft "b": 178 mm (7.01 in.)
[A]: Drive shaft inserted into differential side
[B]: Drive shaft inserted into center shaft side
• Bend each boot band against forward
• Do not squeeze or distort boot when
fastening it with bands. Distorted boot
caused by squeezing air may reduce its
14) Place differential side (or center shaft side) boot new
big band (3) and new small band (4) onto boot
putting band outer end (1) against forward rotation
(2) as shown in figure.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents