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• Never attempt disassembly of SDM.
• When storing SDM, select a place where neither high
temperature nor high humidity is anticipated and oil,
water and dust are kept off.
• If SDM has been dropped, replace it with a new one.
• If SDM installation part of floor was damaged, repair
that part completely before reinstallation.
• All SDM and mounting bracket fasteners must be
carefully torqued and the arrow must be pointed
toward the front of the vehicle to ensure proper
operation of the air bag system.
Live (Undeployed) Air Bag (Inflator) Modules
Special care is necessary when handling and storing a
live (undeployed) air bag (inflator) modules.
The rapid gas generation produced during deployment
of the air bag could cause the air bag (inflator) module,
or an object in front of the air bag (inflator) module, to be
thrown through the air in the unlikely event of an
accidental deployment.
Never attempt to measure the resistance of
the air bag (inflator) modules (driver module,
passenger module and side modules and
curtain modules). It is very dangerous as the
electric current from the tester may deploy
the air bag.
• Never attempt disassembly of the air bag (inflator)
• If any abnormality is found, be sure to replace it with
new one as an assembly.
• When an abnormality is noted as existing in the live
(undeployed) air bag (inflator) module, be sure to
deploy it before discarding it.
• When grease, cleaning agent, oil, water, etc., got on
the air bag (inflator) modules (driver and passenger),
wipe it off immediately with a dry cloth.
• If air bag (inflator) module was dropped from a height
of 90 cm (3 ft) or more, it should be replaced with a
new one as an assembly.
Air Bag System:


Table of Contents

Table of Contents