Diagnostic Information And Procedures; Repair And Inspection Required After Accident - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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Seat Belt with ELR
The seat belt with emergency locking retractor (ELR) is
designed so that it locks immediately (to prevent the
webbing from being pulled out of the retractor any
further) when any of the following items is detected as
exceeding each set value;
• Speed at which the webbing is pulled out of the
• Acceleration or deceleration of the vehicle speed.
• Inclination.
Seat Belt with A-ELR
The automatic and emergency locking retractor (A-ELR)
works as an Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) till its
webbing is pulled all the way out and then on as an
Automatic Locking Retractor (ALR) till it is retracted fully.
ALR: Automatically locks when the webbing is pulled out
from the retractor and allowed to retract even a little.
Then the webbing can not be pulled out any further,
unless it is wound all the way back into the retractor,
which releases the lock and allows the webbing to be
pulled out.
Seat Belt with ELR and Pretensioner
The seat belt with ELR and a pretensioner has a
pretensioner mechanism which operates in linkage with
the air bag in addition to the described ELR.

Repair and Inspection Required after Accident

After an accident, whether the seat belt pretensioner has been activated or not, be sure to perform checks and repairs
described on "Repair and Inspection Required after Accident in Section 8B".

Diagnostic Information and Procedures

The pretensioner is incorporated in retractor and
controlled by SDM as one of air bag system
components. It will be activated at the same time as the
driver and passenger air bag module when an impact at
the front of vehicle exceeds the specified value.
When servicing seat belt (retractor) with pretensioner, be
sure to observe all WARNINGS and CAUTIONS and
"Precautions on Service and Diagnosis of Air Bag
System in Section 8B".
Do not reuse the seat belt pretensioner
(retractor) that has activated. Replace it with
a new seat belt and buckle together as a set.
For checking procedure of its activation,
refer to "Repair and Inspection Required after
Accident in Section 8B".
Seat Belt Remainder
When driver's seat belt is unfastened (under the
following conditions), seat belt reminder light inform that
driver's seat belt is unfastened. Seat belt reminder light
located in combination meter located inside BCM
operate as follows:
• Seat belt reminder light comes on when driver's seat
belt is unfastened while ignition key switch is at ON
Seat Belts:


Table of Contents

Table of Contents