Steering System Inspection - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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Erratic steering when

Steering System Inspection

Check steering system referring to the following items.
Inspection Item
Steering wheel
Tie-rod end
Tie-rod end boot
Steering rack boot
Steering shaft joint
EPS system
Possible cause
Worn wheel bearings
Broken or sagging coil springs
Wheel tires are inflated unequally
Disturbed front wheel alignment
Brakes not working in unison
Leaking wheel cylinder or caliper
Warped discs
Badly worn brake linings
Drum is out of round in some brakes
Defective wheel cylinders
Play, rattle
Looseness and damage
Wheel alignment
Rattle and damage
Steering General Diagnosis:
Correction / Reference Item
Replace wheel bearing.
Replace coil spring.
Inflate tires to proper pressure.
Check and adjust front wheel alignment.
Check and repair brake system.
Repair or replace wheel cylinder or caliper.
Replace brake disc.
Replace brake shoe lining.
Replace brake drum.
Replace or repair wheel cylinder.
Referring section
"Steering Wheel Play Check in Section 6C"
"Tie-Rod End Inspection in Section 6C"
"Front Wheel Alignment Inspection and Adjustment in
Section 2B"
"Tie-Rod End Boot On-Vehicle Inspection in Section 6C"
"Steering Rack Boot Inspection in Section 6C"
"Steering Shaft Joint On-Vehicle Inspection in Section 6C"
"EPS System Check in Section 6C"


Table of Contents

Table of Contents