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Condenser Cooling Fan Removal And Installation - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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7B-22 Air Conditioning System: Manual Type
Check A/C System for Refrigerant Leaks
Whenever a refrigerant leak is suspected in the system
or any service operation has been performed which may
result in malfunction of lines and connections, it is
advisable to check for leaks.
Common sense should be used during refrigerant leak
test, since the need and extent of any such test will, in
general, depend upon the nature of a complaint and the
type of a service performed on the system.
Liquid leak detector
• To prevent explosions and fires, make sure
that there are no flammables in the vicinity.
• When the refrigerant exposed to fire, it
turns into a poisonous gas (phosgene). Do
not inhale this gas.
There is a number of fittings and places throughout the
A/C system where a liquid leak detector solution may be
used to pinpoint refrigerant leaks.
By merely applying the solution to the area in question
with a swab, such as attached to the cap of a vial,
bubbles will form within seconds if there is a leak.
For confined areas, such as sections of the evaporator
and condenser, an electronic (refrigerant) leak detector
is more practical for determining leaks.
Special tool
(A): 09990–86012
Condenser Cooling Fan Removal and
Be careful not to damage fins of radiator. If
radiator fin is bent, straighten it by using flat
head screwdriver or pair of pliers.
1) Disconnect negative (–) cable at battery.
2) Disconnect condenser cooling fan motor coupler.
3) Remove reservoir (1) from radiator.
4) Remove condenser cooling fan (2) from radiator (3).
Reverse removal procedure to install condenser cooling


Table of Contents

Table of Contents