Suzuki SX4 Service Manual page 869

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Gear Shift Mechanism
The gear shifting control system consists of the following main parts. Movement of gear shift control lever is
transmitted to gear shift & select shaft through gear shift and gear select cables.
1. Gear shift control cable
2. Gear select control cable
3. Select cable lever
4. Shift cable lever
5. 5th & reverse gear shift cam
6. 5th gear shift fork
7. Reverse gear shift lever
8. 5th & reverse gear shift guide shaft
9. 5th & reverse gear shift shaft
10. Gear shift & select shaft assembly
11. 5th to reverse interlock guide bolt
12. Gear shift interlock bolt
Manual Transmission/Transaxle:
13. Gear shift & select lever
14. Low speed gear shift shaft
15. High speed gear shift shaft
16. Gear shift control lever assembly


Table of Contents

Table of Contents