Front Strut Assembly Check - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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2B-7 Front Suspension:
2) Install compressed coil spring to strut, and place coil
spring end (2) onto spring lower seat (1) as shown.
End of coil spring must not interfere with
step of spring lower seat.
3) Install bump stopper and strut dust cover onto strut
rod. For installing direction, refer to the figure in
"Front Strut Assembly Components".
4) Pull strut rod as far up as possible and use care not
to allow it to retract into strut.
5) Install spring seat on coil spring and then spring
upper seat (1) aligning "OUT" mark (3) on spring
upper seat and center of strut bracket (2).
6) Install bearing (3), strut support (2) and strut support
lower nut (1) in this sequence.
Tighten strut support lower nut (1) to specified
When tightening strut support lower nut, hold stud
with hexagon wrench.
Tightening torque
Strut support lower nut (a): 55 N·m (5.5 kgf-m,
40.0 lb-ft)

Front Strut Assembly Check

• Inspect strut for oil leakage, damage or deformation.
If defect is found, replace strut as an assembly unit,
because it can not be disassembled.
• Inspect strut function referring to the following
1) Check and adjust tire pressures as specified.
2) Bounce vehicle body up and down 3 or 4 times
continuously by pushing front end of the vehicle side
body to check strut.
Also, note how many times vehicle body rebounds to
stop after force application.
3) Repeat the same procedure to the other strut to
confirm that the both side struts equally respond.
If conditions of struts are in doubt, compare them with
known-good vehicle or strut.
• Inspect bearing for wear, abnormal noise or gripping.
If defective, replace.
• Inspect coil spring seat for cracks or deformation.
If defective, replace.
• Inspect bump stopper for deterioration.
If defective, replace.
• Inspect rebound stopper and strut mount for wear,
cracks or deformation.
If defective, replace.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents