Eps" Warning Light Check; Dtc Check - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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6C-8 Power Assisted Steering System:
Step 8: Steering Symptom Diagnosis and P/S
System Symptom Diagnosis
Perform basic steering system check according to
"Steering Symptom Diagnosis in Section 6A" first. When
the end of the flow has been reached, check the parts of
the system suspected as a possible cause referring to
"P/S System Symptom Diagnosis" and based on
symptoms appearing on the vehicle (symptoms obtained
through steps of customer complaint analysis, trouble
symptom confirmation and/or basic P/S system check)
and repair or replace faulty parts, if any.
Step 9: Troubleshooting for DTC (See each DTC
Diag. Flow)
Based on the DTC indicated in Step 6 or 7 and referring
to the applicable DTC diag. flow, locate the cause of the
trouble, namely in a sensor, switch, wire harness,
connector, actuator, P/S control module or other part and
repair or replace faulty parts.
Step 10: Intermittent Problems Check
Check parts where an intermittent trouble is easy to
occur (e.g., wire harness, connector, etc.), referring to
"Intermittent and Poor Connection Inspection in Section
00" and related circuit of DTC recorded in Step 2.
Step 11: Final Confirmation Test
Confirm that the problem symptom has gone and the P/
S system is free from any abnormal conditions. If what
has been repaired is related to the DTC, clear the DTC
once, perform DTC confirmation procedure and confirm
that no DTC is indicated.

"EPS" Warning Light Check

1) Turn ignition switch to ON position (but without
running engine) and check if the "EPS" warning light
(1) lights up. If the light dose not light up, go to
""EPS" Warning Light Does Not Come ON with
Ignition Switch Turned ON before Engine Starts" of
the diagnostic flows.
2) Start engine and check that "EPS" warning light turns
OFF. If light remains ON and no DTC is stored in P/S
control module, go to ""EPS" Warning Light Remains
ON Steady after Engine Starts" for troubleshooting.

DTC Check

1) Turn ignition switch to OFF position.
2) Connect SUZUKI scan tool to data link connector
(DLC) (1) located on underside of instrument panel
at driver's seat side.
Special tool
(A): SUZUKI scan tool
3) Start engine.
4) Read DTC according to the instructions displayed on
SUZUKI scan tool. For further details, refer to
operator's manual for SUZUKI scan tool.
• If communication between SUZUKI scan
tool and the vehicle can not be
established, perform "DLC and Its
Communication Check (No communication
to P/S Control Module)".
• DTC C1122 (engine speed signal failure) is
indicated when ignition switch is at ON
position and engine is not running, but it
means there is nothing abnormal if
indication changes to a normal one when
engine is started.
5) After completing the check, turn ignition switch to
OFF position and disconnect SUZUKI scan tool from


Table of Contents

Table of Contents