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• Never attempt to disassemble the seat belt
pretensioners (retractor assembly).
• If any abnormality is found, be sure to replace it with
new one as an assembly.
• When an abnormality is noted as existing in the live
(inactivated) seat belt pretensioner, be sure to activate
it before discarding it.
• When grease, cleaning agent oil, water, etc., got on
the seat belt pretensioners (retractor assembly), wipe
it off immediately with a dry cloth.
• If seat belt pretensioner was dropped from a height of
30 cm (1 ft) or more, it should be replaced with a new
one as an assembly.
• For handling and storage of a live seat belt
pretensioner, select a place where the
ambient temperature below 65 °C (150 °F),
without high humidity and away from
electric noise.
• Never carry the seat belt pretensioner by
• When placing a live seat belt pretensioner
on the workbench or other surface, be sure
not to lay it with its exhaust hole (1)
provided side facing down. It is also
prohibited to put something on its face
with an exhaust hole (1) or to put a seat
belt pretensioner on top of another.
Otherwise, personal injury may result.
Deployed Air Bag (Inflator) Module and Activated
Seat Belt Pretensioner
• The air bag (inflator) module and seat belt
• Do not apply water, oil, etc. to deployed air
• After an air bag (inflator) module has been
• Wash your hands with mild soap and water
Refer to the procedure described under "Deployed Air
Bag (Inflator) Module and Activated Seat Belt
Pretensioner Disposal" for disposal.
Air Bag Wire Harness and Connector
Air bag wire harness is included in main harness (1),
instrument panel harness (4), floor harness (3), seat
harness (5) and curtain air bag harness (6) (hatchback
model). Air bag wire harness can be identified easily as
the part of connector side wire harness is covered with a
yellow protection tube. Be very careful when handling it.
• When an open in air bag wire harness, damaged wire
harness, connector or terminal is found, replace wire
harness, connectors and terminals as an assembly.
• When installing it, be careful so that the air bag wire
harness is not caught or does not interfere with other
• Make sure air bag system grounding point (2) is clean
and ground is securely fastened for optimum metal-to-
metal contact. Poor grounding can cause intermittent
problems that are difficult to diagnose.
pretensioner immediately after
deployment/activation is very hot. Wait for
at least 30 minutes to cool it off before
proceeding the work.
bag (inflator) module and to activate seat
belt pretensioner.
deployed, the surface of the air bag may
contain a powdery residue. This powder
consists primarily of cornstarch (used to
lubricate the bag as it inflates) and by-
products of the chemical reaction. As with
many service procedures, gloves and
safety glasses should be worn.
after completing the work.
Air Bag System:


Table of Contents

Table of Contents