A/T System Diagram - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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A/T System Diagram

Torque converter with
torque converter clutch
Oil pump
Pressure control
solenoid valve
Engine control module (ECM)
· Engine torque signal
· Accelerator pedal position signal
· Engine speed signal
· Throttle position signal
· A/C compressor clutch signal
· Engine coolant temperature signal
· Vehicle speed pulse signal
· Brake pedal switch signal
· Driving cycle active
· Warm up cycle active
· Lock-up/slip control inhibit signal
(with slip control)
ABS / ESP® control module
Body control module (BCM)
Combination meter
Data link connector
Automatic Transmission/Transaxle:
Regulator valves
in valve body
Shift solenoid valves,
TCC solenoid valve and
Timing solenoid valve
Brake light switch
Accelerator pedal
position sensor
Crank shaft
position sensor
Engine coolant
temperature sensor
"3" position switch
Planetary gear
Clutches and
Control valves
in valve body
Transmission control module (TCM)
· Transmission oil temperature signal
· Torque request signal
· Vehicle speed pulse signal
· Coast slip control signal (with slip control)
· Transmission warning light signal
· MIL control signal
· A/T select lever position signal
· Transmission diagnostic trouble code (DTC)
· Transmission actual gear position signal
· Transmission target gear position signal
Input shaft speed sensor
Transmission range sensor
Transmission fluid
temperature sensor
Output shaft speed
sensor (VSS)
Power transmission
Fluid pressure circuit
Electric signal
CAN Communication line
Final gear
reduction unit


Table of Contents

Table of Contents