Fuel Pressure Relief Procedure - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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Clamp other than around fuel tank
[A]: With short pipe, fit hose as far as it reaches pipe joint as shown.
[B]: With the following type pipe, fit hose as far as its peripheral projection
as shown.
[C]: With bent pipe, fit hose as its bent part as shown or till depth "b".
[D]: With straight pipe, fit hose till depth "b".
[E]: With red marked pipe, fit hose end reaches red mark on pipe.
[F]: For fuel tank filler hose, insert it to spool or welding-bead.
"a": Clamp securely at a position 3 – 7 mm (0.12 – 0.27 in.) from hose end.
"b": 20 – 30 mm (0.79 – 1.18 in.)
"c": 0 – 5 mm (0 – 0.19 in.)
"d": 5 – 12 mm (0.2 – 0.47 in.)
"e": 38 mm (1.50 in.)
4. Red mark
For Quick Joint
1) Remove mud, dust and/or foreign material between
pipe (1) and quick joint (fuel pipe) (2) by blowing
compressed air.
2) Unlock joint lock by inserting special tool between
pipe and quick joint.
Special tool
(A): 09919–47020
3) Disconnect quick joint from pipe.
Insert quick joint (fuel pipe) to fuel pipe until they lock
securely (a click is heard), and confirm that quick joint
(fuel pipe) is not disconnected by hand.

Fuel Pressure Relief Procedure

This work must not be done when engine is
hot. If done so, it may cause adverse effect to
If ECM detects DTC(s) after servicing, clear
DTC(s) referring to "DTC Clearance in
Section 1A".
1) Make sure that engine is cold.
2) Shift transaxle gear shift lever in "Neutral" (shift
select lever in "P" range for A/T model), set parking
brake and block drive wheels.
3) Remove relay / fuse box cover.
4) Disconnect fuel pump relay (1) from relay / fuse box
5) Remove fuel filler cap in order to release fuel vapor
pressure in fuel tank, and then reinstall it.
Fuel System:


Table of Contents

Table of Contents