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Fuel Cut Operation Inspection - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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1G-4 Fuel System:
4) Check that battery voltage is 11 V or more.
5) Measure fuel pressure at each condition.
If measured pressure is out of specification, refer to
"Fuel Pressure Check in Section 1A" and check each
possibly defective part. Replace if found defective.
a) Turn ignition switch ON to operate fuel pump and
after 2 seconds turn it OFF. Repeat this 3 or 4
times and then check fuel pressure.
Fuel pressure specification
With fuel pump operating and engine
stopped: 360 – 400 kPa (3.6 – 4.0 kgf/cm
51.2 – 56.9 psi)
b) Start engine and warm it up to normal operating
temperature, and measure fuel pressure at
Fuel pressure specification
At specified idle speed: 360 – 400 kPa (3.6 –
4.0 kgf/cm
, 51.2 – 56.9 psi)
c) Stop engine, and measure fuel pressure at one
minute after stopping.
Fuel pressure specification
With 1 min. after engine (fuel pump) stop
(Pressure reduces as time passes): Over 250
kPa (2.5 kgf/cm
6) After checking fuel pressure, remove fuel pressure
As fuel feed line is still under high fuel
pressure, make sure to release fuel pressure
according to the following procedures.
• Place fuel container under joint.
• Cover joint with rag (1) and loosen joint nut
slowly in order to release fuel pressure
, 35.6 psi)
7) Remove special tools from fuel delivery pipe and fuel
feed hose.
8) Connect fuel feed hose to fuel delivery pipe and
clamp it securely.
9) With engine OFF and ignition switch ON, check for
fuel leaks.

Fuel Cut Operation Inspection

Before inspection, make sure that gear shift
lever is in neutral position (shift select lever
is "P" range for A/T vehicle), A/C is OFF and
parking brake lever is pulled all the way up.
1) Warm engine up to normal operating temperature.
2) While listening to sound of injector (2) by using
sound scope (1) or such, increase engine speed to
higher than 3,000 r/min.
3) Check to make sure that injector operation sound is
stop when throttle valve is closed instantly and it is
heard again when engine speed is reduced to
approx. 2,000 r/min or less.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents