Forward And Reverse Clutch Assembly Components; Forward And Reverse Clutch Assembly Preliminary Check - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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Forward and Reverse Clutch Assembly Components

1. Forward clutch balancer
2. Forward clutch return spring subassembly
3. Forward clutch piston
4. Forward clutch piston O-ring
5. Forward clutch drum
6. Forward clutch drum O-ring
7. Intermediate shaft subassembly
Forward and Reverse Clutch Assembly
Preliminary Check
1) Install forward and reverse clutch assembly (1) to
transaxle rear cover (2), blow in compressed air (400
– 800 kPa, 4 – 8 kg/cm
hole (4) of transaxle rear cover with the special tool
attached on the upper surface of reverse clutch
retaining plate (3), and measure reverse clutch
piston stroke.
If piston stroke exceeds specified value,
disassemble, inspect and replace inner parts.
Special tool
(A): 09900–20607
(B): 09900–20701
8. Intermediate shaft seal ring
9. Reverse clutch plate snap ring
10. Reverse clutch retaining plate
11. Reverse clutch separator plate
12. Reverse clutch disc
13. Reverse clutch cushion plate
14. Forward clutch plate snap ring
, 57 – 113 psi) through oil
Automatic Transmission/Transaxle:
15. Forward clutch retaining plate
16. Forward clutch disc
17. Forward clutch separator plate
18. Balancer snap ring
: Apply automatic transaxle fluid.
: Do not reuse.
Reverse clutch piston stroke
1.20 – 1.60 mm (0.047 – 0.063 in.)


Table of Contents

Table of Contents