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Fuel System


Precautions on Fuel System Service

Before attempting service of any type on fuel system, the following should be always observed in
order to reduce the risk of fire and personal injury.
• Disconnect negative cable at battery.
• Do not smoke, and place no smoking signs near work area.
• Be sure to have CO
• Be sure to perform work in a well-ventilated area and away from any open flames (such as gas hot
• Wear safety glasses.
• To relieve fuel vapor pressure in fuel tank, remove fuel filler cap from fuel filler neck and then
reinstall it.
• As fuel feed line is still under high fuel pressure even after stopping engine, loosening or
disconnecting fuel feed line directly may cause dangerous spout of fuel. Before loosening or
disconnecting fuel feed line, make sure to relieve fuel pressure referring to "Fuel Pressure Relief
• A small amount of fuel may be released when the fuel line is disconnected. In order to reduce the
risk of personal injury, cover a shop cloth to the fitting to be disconnected. Be sure to put that cloth
in an approved container after disconnecting.
• Never run engine with fuel pump relay disconnected when engine and exhaust system are hot.
• Note that fuel hose connection varies with each type of pipe. Be sure to connect and clamp each
hose correctly referring to "Fuel Hose Disconnecting and Reconnecting".
After connecting, make sure that it has no twist or kink.
• When installing injector or fuel feed pipe, lubricate its O-ring with gasoline.
• When servicing the fuel tank, it should be treated with respect, with no contact with sharp edges or
hot surfaces. In addition, the fuel tank should not be dropped since fuel tank, fuel pump and other
components can be damaged by the impact. If dropped, all components should be replaced because
there is a risk of damage.
• The fuel tank is made of resin.
Be sure not to allow solvent (chemical article such as grease and sealant) to attach to the fuel tank
as some chemical reaction may occur, causing the fuel tank to be swollen, hardened or distorted
leakage and resulting in fuel leakage from the fuel tank.


fire extinguisher handy.
Fuel System:


Table of Contents

Table of Contents