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7B-2 Air Conditioning System: Manual Type
Refrigerant Recovery
When discharging refrigerant out of A/C system, always recover it by using refrigerant recovery and recycling
equipment because discharging refrigerant HFC-134a (R-134a) into atmosphere would cause adverse effect to
environments referring to "Recovery" in "Operation Procedure for Refrigerant Charge: Manual Type".
Refrigerant Charge
After performing compressor oil replenishment and evacuation, charge a proper amount of refrigerant to A/C system
referring to "Charge" in "Operation Procedure for Refrigerant Charge: Manual Type".

Sub-Cool A/C System Description

In the sub-cool A/C system (condenser integrated with receiver / dryer), the inside of the condenser is divided into the
condensation part and the sub-cooler part, and the receiver / dryer is located between those. In the receiver / dryer,
the refrigerant is separated into the vapor refrigerant and the liquid refrigerant. Only the liquid refrigerant is delivered to
the sub-cooler part of the condenser. The refrigerant is supercooled by the sub-cooler part of the condenser.
[A]: Liquid
[B]: Vapor
[C]: Superheated vapor
1. Compressor

General Description

2. Magnet clutch
3. Condenser
4. Receiver/dryer
5. Refrigerant pressure sensor
6. Expansion valve
7. A/C evaporator
8. Condensation part
9. Sub-cooler part
10. Desiccant
11. Filter
12. Vapor refrigerant
13. Liquid refrigerant


Table of Contents

Table of Contents