Starting System; Schematic And Routing Diagram; Cranking System Circuit Diagram; Diagnostic Information And Procedures - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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1I-1 Starting System:

Starting System


Cranking System Circuit Diagram

1. Pinion drive lever
2. Pinion & Over-running clutch
3. Magnetic switch
4. Hold-in coil
5. Plunger

Cranking System Symptom Diagnosis

Possible symptoms due to starting system trouble would be as follows:
• Starting motor does not run (or runs slowly)
• Starting motor runs but fails to crank engine
• Abnormal noise is heard
Proper diagnosis must be made to determine exactly where the cause of each trouble lies in battery, wiring harness,
(including starting motor switch), starting motor or engine.
Do not remove motor just because starting motor does not run. Check the following items and narrow down scope of
possible causes.
1) Condition of trouble
2) Tightness of battery terminals (including ground cable connection on engine side) and starting motor terminals
3) Discharge of battery
4) Mounting of starting motor

Schematic and Routing Diagram

6. Magnetic switch contacts
7. Pull-in coil
8. Starting motor
9. Starting motor control relay
10. A/T: Transmission range sensor (shift switch)

Diagnostic Information and Procedures

11. Ignition & Starter switch
12. Battery
13. To ECM


Table of Contents

Table of Contents