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Engine Assembly Removal And Installation - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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F: Vehicle forward
1. Engine right mounting bracket
2. Engine right mounting
3. Engine left mounting bracket

Engine Assembly Removal and Installation

1) Relieve fuel pressure according to "Fuel Pressure
Relief Procedure in Section 1G".
2) Disconnect negative and positive cable at battery.
3) Disconnect ECM connectors.
4) Remove battery and battery tray with ECM.
5) Remove right and left side engine under covers.
6) Remove A/C compressor belt by referring to
"Compressor Drive Belt Removal and Installation:
Manual Type in Section 7B" or "Compressor Drive
Belt Removal and Installation: Automatic Type in
Section 7B".
7) Drain engine oil referring to "Engine Oil and Filter
Change in Section 0B".
8) Drain transaxle oil referring to "Manual Transaxle Oil
Change in Section 5B" or "A/T Fluid Change in
Section 5A".
9) Drain transfer oil referring to "Transfer Oil Change in
Section 3C".
10) Drain coolant referring to "Cooling System Draining
in Section 1F"
11) Remove air cleaner assembly referring to "Air
Cleaner Assembly Removal and Installation".
12) With hose connected, detach A/C compressor from
its bracket referring to "Compressor Assembly
Removal and Installation: Manual Type in Section
7B" or "Compressor Assembly Removal and
Installation: Automatic Type in Section 7B".
Suspend removed A/C compressor at a place
where no damage will be caused during
removal and installation of engine assembly.
13) Remove cylinder upper cover (1).
8. Engine front mounting bracket
9. Engine front mounting
: Be sure to direct yellow mark to forward.
10. Transfer
11. Suspension frame
14) Disconnect the following electric wires/connectors
15) Disconnect the following cables, and remove control
16) Disconnect the following hoses.
Engine Mechanical:
: 55 N⋅m (5.5 kgf-m, 40.0 lb-ft)
: 95 N⋅m (9.5 kgf-m, 69.0 lb-ft)
: 65 N⋅m (6.5 kgf-m, 47.0 lb-ft)
: 25 N⋅m (2.5 kgf-m, 18.0 lb-ft)
and each clamps.
• TP sensor (1)
• MAP sensor (2)
• ECT sensor (3)
• EGR valve (4)
• CMP sensor (5)
• Ignition coil assembly (6)
• Injector (7)
• HO2S (8)
• Oil control valve (9) (for engine with VVT system)
• Engine oil pressure switch (10)
• CKP sensor (12)
• Knock sensor (13)
• Generator (14)
• Starting motor (15)
• Ground terminal (16) from cylinder block
• Battery ground cable (17) from transaxle
• Back-up light switch (18) (for M/T model)
• Torque sensor (19)
• P/S motor (20)
• Output shaft speed sensor (VSS) (29) (for A/T
• Solenoid valve (30) (for A/T model)
• Transmission range sensor (31) (for A/T model)
• Input shaft speed sensor (32) (for A/T model)
cable bracket (23)
• Gear select control cable (21) (for M/T model)
• Gear shift control cable (22) (for M/T model)
• A/T select cable (33) (for A/T model)
• Brake booster hose (24) from intake manifold
• Radiator inlet and outlet hoses (25) from radiator
• Heater inlet and outlet hoses (26) from heater
• Fuel feed hose (27) from fuel feed pipe
• Fuel vapor hose (11) from fuel vapor pipe
• Clutch hose (28) from transaxle (for M/T model)
• A/T fluid cooler hoses (for A/T model)


Table of Contents

Table of Contents