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Electronic Stability Program:
Step 1: Malfunction Analysis
Customer complaint analysis
Record details of the problem (failure, complaint) and how it occurred as described by the customer.
For this purpose, use of such a questionnaire form as shown in the following will facilitate collecting information to the
point required for proper analysis and diagnosis.
Customer questionnaire (Example)
Problem symptom confirmation
If symptom in "Customer Questionnaire" is found or reproduced in the vehicle, confirm the symptom is problem or not.
(This step should be done with the customer if possible.) Check warning lights related to brake system referring to
"EBD Warning Light (Brake Warning Light) Check", "ABS Warning Light Check" and "ESP® Warning Light Check".
DTC check, record and clearance
Perform "DTC Check" procedure, record it and then clear it referring to "DTC Clearance".
Recheck DTC referring to "DTC Check".
When DTC which is recorded at DTC check procedure is detected again after performing DTC clearance, go to "Step
4: ESP® Check: " to proceed the diagnosis.
When DTC which is recorded at DTC check procedure is not indicated anymore after performing DTC clearance,
ESP® control module does not perform the system diagnosis, or temporary abnormality may occur, therefore go to
"Step 2: Driving Test: " to proceed the diagnosis.


Table of Contents

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