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Repair Instructions; Brake Pedal Components; Brake Pedal Free Height Inspection; Brake Pedal Play Inspection - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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Brake Pedal Components

If equipped Brake Pedal Foot Protection
System, never disassemble brake pedal
assembly. Disassemble will spoil its original
function. If faulty condition is found, replace
it with new one.
[A]: A/T model
1. Brake pedal
2. Brake pedal bracket

Repair Instructions

: 13 N⋅m (1.3 kgf-m, 9.5 lb-ft)
: 23 N⋅m (2.3 kgf-m, 16.5 lb-ft)
Brake Control System and Diagnosis:

Brake Pedal Free Height Inspection

1) Check brake pedal free height. If it is not within
specification, check and adjust following item 2) to
Brake pedal free height "a" from carpet
"a": 111 – 131 mm (4.4 – 5.1 in.)
2) Check measurement between booster mounting
surface and center of clevis pin hole. When booster
push rod clevis has been reinstalled, it is important
that the measurement is adjusted (refer to "Brake
Booster Inspection").
3) Check brake light switch position. Adjust it if it is out
of specification.
4) Check pedal for dent.
5) Check brake booster for installation.
6) Check brake booster push rod for length.

Brake Pedal Play Inspection

Pedal play should be within the following specification. If
out of specification, check brake light switch for proper
installation position and adjust if necessary.
Also check pedal shaft bolt and booster clevis pin
installation for looseness and replace if defective.
Brake pedal play "a"
: 1 – 8 mm (0.04 – 0.31 in.)


Table of Contents

Table of Contents