Fuel Leakage Check Procedure; Fuel Lines On-Vehicle Inspection; Fuel Pipe Removal And Installation - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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1G-8 Fuel System:
6) Start engine and run it until engine stops for lack of
fuel. Repeat cranking engine 2 – 3 times for about 3
seconds each time in order to dissipate fuel pressure
in lines. Fuel connections are now safe for servicing.
7) After servicing, connect fuel pump relay (1) to relay /
fuse box and install relay / fuse box cover.

Fuel Leakage Check Procedure

After performing any service on fuel system, check to
make sure that there are no fuel leakages as follows.
1) Turn ON ignition switch for 3 seconds (to operate
fuel pump) and then turn it OFF.
Repeat this (ON and OFF) 3 or 4 times and apply
fuel pressure to fuel line until fuel pressure is felt by
hand placed on fuel feed hose.
2) In this state, check to see that there are no fuel
leakages from any part of fuel system.

Fuel Lines On-Vehicle Inspection

Due to the fact that fuel feed line (1) is under
high pressure, use special care when
servicing it.
Visually inspect fuel lines for evidence of fuel leakage,
hose crack and deterioration or damage.
Make sure all clamps are secure.
Replace parts as needed.

Fuel Pipe Removal and Installation

1) Relieve fuel pressure in fuel feed line according to
2) Disconnect negative cable at battery.
3) Disconnect fuel hose (3) from fuel pipe (2) at the
4) Mark the location of clamps (1) on fuel pipes (2), so
5) Remove clamps (1) from vehicle body, fuel pipes and
6) Remove fuel pipe (2).
1) Install clamps to marked location on pipes. If clamp
2) Install pipes with pipe clamps to vehicle.
3) Connect fuel hoses and pipes to each pipe referring
4) Connect negative cable at battery.
5) With engine OFF, turn ignition switch to ON position
Before starting the following procedure, be
sure to observe "Precautions on Fuel System
Service" in order to reduce the risk of fire and
personal injury.
"Fuel Pressure Relief Procedure".
front and rear of each fuel pipe referring to "Fuel
Hose Disconnecting and Reconnecting".
that the clamps can be reinstalled to where they
brake pipes.
Be careful not to bent and damage fuel pipes
and brake pipes when removing clamp.
is deformed, its claw is bent or broken, replace it with
new one.
to "Fuel Hose Disconnecting and Reconnecting".
and check for fuel leaks.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents