Auto A/C Electronic Control Input / Output Diagram; Component Location; A/C System Major Components Location - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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7B-42 Air Conditioning System: Automatic Type
[A]: Hatchback model
[B]: Sedan model
[C]: Illumination control model
[D]: Junction block with BCM
[E]: Junction block without BCM
1. Main fuse box
2. Ignition switch
3. CAN junction connector
4. Rear defogger relay
5. Rear defogger
6. Blower motor relay
7. Blower motor
8. Blower motor controller

Auto A/C Electronic Control Input / Output Diagram

Data link connector
A/C refrigerant pressure sensor
Condenser cooling fan relay
ECT sensor
ABS control module
or ESP® control module
Combination meter

A/C System Major Components Location

Refer to "A/C System Major Components Location: Manual Type".
9. DLC
10. Air intake actuator
11. Air flow control actuator
12. Temperature control actuator
13. Inside air temperature sensor
14. Outside air temperature sensor
15. Evaporator temperature sensor
16. Sunload sensor
17. Junction block assembly
18. ECM
19. ECT sensor
20. Condenser cooling fan motor
21. Compressor relay
Compressor relay
Outside air
*: CAN communication

Component Location

22. Compressor
23. HVAC control module
24. BCM
25. A/C refrigerant pressure sensor
26. Condenser cooling fan relay
27. Information display
28. Lighting switch
29. A/C switch
30. Air intake selector
31. To BCM
32. ABS / ESP® control module
33. Illumination light
34. "A/C" indicator light
HVAC control module
35. Rear defogger switch
36. Rear defogger indicator
37. To other control module
38. Indicator light, switch,
39. "FRE" indicator light
40. "REC" indicator light
41. Temperature selector
42. Blower speed selector
43. MODE (air flow) selector
44. Tail light
45. Main relay
Temperature selector
MODE (air flow) selector
Blower speed selector
Air intake selector
A/C switch
AUTO switch
Temperature control actuator
Air flow control actuator
Air intake control actuator
Blower motor controller
Inside air temperature sensor
Sunload sensor
Evaporator temperature sensor


Table of Contents

Table of Contents