On-Board Diagnostic System Description; Schematic And Routing Diagram; A/C System Air Flow Diagram - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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7B-40 Air Conditioning System: Automatic Type

On-Board Diagnostic System Description

The diagnostic information as diagnostic
trouble code (DTC) can be known by using
SUZUKI scan tool. For further details, refer to
"DTC Check: Automatic Type".
HVAC control module detects malfunctions, which may
occur in the following area.
• Inside air temperature sensor
• Evaporator temperature sensor
• Sunload sensor
• Temperature control actuator
• Air flow control actuator
• Temperature selector of HVAC control module
• Air flow selector of HVAC control module
• Blower speed selector of HVAC control module
• Back-up power supply circuit of HVAC control module
• Serial communication line between BCM and HVAC
control module

A/C System Air Flow Diagram

Refer to "A/C System Air Flow Diagram: Manual Type".

Schematic and Routing Diagram

• Received data from BCM as follows
– Outside air temperature sensor signal
– ECT sensor signal
– A/C refrigerant pressure sensor signal
– VSS signal
– Engine type signal
– Combination meter spec signal
– CAN communication circuit failure signal
When HVAC control module detects malfunction, the "A/
C" indicator light (1) flashes to warn and the diagnostic
trouble code (DTC) is stored in the memory of the
module. When diagnosing trouble, the DTC can be
checked according to "DTC Check: Automatic Type".


Table of Contents

Table of Contents