Automatic Type; Precautions; A/C System Caution; Precautions In Diagnosing Trouble - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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7B-38 Air Conditioning System: Automatic Type

Automatic Type

A/C System Caution

Refer to "A/C System Caution: Manual Type".

Precautions in Diagnosing Trouble

• Do not disconnect couplers from HVAC control module, battery cable from battery, HVAC control module ground
wire harness from body or main fuse before confirming diagnostic information (diagnostic trouble code) stored in
HVAC control module memory.
• Diagnostic information (diagnostic trouble code) stored in HVAC control module can be checked by display of HVAC
control module. Also, it can be checked by using SUZUKI scan tool. Before checking diagnostic information
(diagnostic trouble code), read this manual and operator's manual for SUZUKI scan tool to know how to read
diagnostic information (diagnostic trouble code).
• When trouble is diagnosed using diagnostic information (diagnostic trouble code) on display of HVAC control
module, keep in your mind that each diagnostic information (diagnostic trouble code) has priority, and only
diagnostic information (diagnostic trouble code) which has the highest priority is indicated. Therefore, after
troubleshooting the malfunction, make sure if there exists any other diagnostic information (diagnostic trouble
• Be sure to read "Air Bag Warning in Section 00" before inspection.

Precautions on Servicing A/C System

Refer to "Precautions on Servicing A/C System: Manual Type".

Auto A/C System Description

The automatic type air conditioning system (auto A/C) is provided with the function to automatically control the inside
air temperature, fan speed, air flow outlet direction and air intake position by HVAC control module in addition to
functions of the manual type air conditioning system (manual A/C). Once the inside air temperature is set using the
temperature selector, HVAC control module automatically controls the inside air temperature at the constant level at all
times based on the inside air temperature, outside air temperature, amount of sunlight and engine coolant
temperature detected respectively by the inside air temperature sensor, outside air temperature sensor, sunload
sensor and ECT sensor. For the electronic control system components location, refer to "Electronic Control System
Components Location: Manual Type". For the A/C system components location, refer to "A/C System Major
Components Location: Automatic Type".
For the A/C electrical control input / output diagram, refer to "Auto A/C Electronic Control Input / Output Diagram:
Automatic Type".


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Table of Contents

Table of Contents