Brakes Symptom Diagnosis - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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Brakes Symptom Diagnosis

Not enough braking force Brake fluid leakage from brake lines
Brake pull (Brakes not
working in unison)
Noise (High pitched
squeak without brake
Excessive pedal travel
(Pedal stroke too large)
Brake locked
Possible cause
Brake disc or pad stained with fluid,
grease or other oil
Overheated brakes
Poor contact of shoes on brake drum
Brake shoe stained with oil or wet with
Badly worn brake pad
Defective wheel cylinders
Malfunctioning caliper assembly
Malfunctioning brake booster
Malfunctioning brake master cylinder
Air in system
Negative pressure for brake booster is
Malfunctioning ABS (ESP®)
Pad, disc, shoe and/or drum are wet
with water or stained with oil in some
Drum-to-shoe clearance out of
adjustment in some brakes
(Malfunctioning auto adjusting
Disc and/or drum are out of round in
some brakes
Tires are inflated unequally
Malfunction in wheel cylinders
Disturbed front wheel alignment
Unmatched tires on same axle
Restricted brake pipes or hoses
Malfunctioning caliper assembly
Loose suspension parts
Loose calipers
Contact wear indicator to brake disc
Worn rear brake shoe
Partial brake system failure
Brake fluid leaking
Air in system (soft / spongy pedal)
Rear brake system not adjusted
(malfunctioning auto adjusting
Bent brake shoes
Malfunctioning ABS (ESP®)
Brake Control System and Diagnosis:
Correction / Reference Item
Locate leaking point and repair.
Clean or replace.
Determine cause and repair.
Repair for proper contact.
Repair or replace.
Repair or replace.
Check system and replace as necessary.
Check system and replace as necessary.
Bleed system.
Check engine condition and vacuum hose.
Check system and replace as necessary.
Clean or replace.
Check for inoperative auto adjusting
Inflate equally.
Repair or replace.
Adjust as prescribed.
Tires with approximately the same amount of
tread should be used on the same axle.
Check for soft hoses and damaged lines.
Replace with new hoses and new double-
walled steel brake tubing.
Caliper should slide.
Check for stuck or sluggish pistons and proper
lubrication of caliper slide pin.
Check all suspension mountings.
Check and torque bolts to specifications.
Replace brake pad.
Replace brake shoe.
Check brake systems and repair as necessary.
Repair the leaking point, and bleed air.
Bleed system.
Adjust rear brakes.
Repair auto adjusting mechanism.
Replace brake shoes.
Check system referring to "ABS Check in
Section 4E" or "Electronic Stability Program
Check in Section 4F".


Table of Contents

Table of Contents