Crankshaft Inspection - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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1D-62 Engine Mechanical:
9) Install rear oil seal housing (1) and tighten new bolts
to specified torque by using special tool.
Special tool
(A): 09911–97720
Tightening torque
Rear oil seal housing bolt: 11 N·m (1.1 kgf-m, 8.0
A: Crankshaft side
10) Install flywheel (drive plate for A/T).
Using special tool, lock flywheel or drive plate, and
tighten flywheel or drive plate bolts to specified
Use new flywheel or drive plate bolts.
Special tool
(A): 09924–17810
Tightening torque
Flywheel or drive plate bolt (a): 70 N·m (7.0 kgf-
m, 51.0 lb-ft)
11) Install piston and connecting rod referring to
"Pistons, Piston Rings, Connecting Rods and
Cylinders Removal and Installation".
12) Install cylinder head referring to "Valves and Cylinder
Head Removal and Installation".
13) Install camshafts, tappet and shim referring to
"Camshaft, Tappet and Shim Removal and
14) Install timing chain referring to "Timing Chain and
Chain Tensioner Removal and Installation".
15) Install timing chain cover referring to "Timing Chain
Cover Removal and Installation".
16) Install cylinder head cover referring to "Cylinder
Head Cover Removal and Installation".
17) Install oil pan referring to "Oil Pan and Oil Pump
Strainer Removal and Installation in Section 1E".
18) Install engine assembly to vehicle referring to
"Engine Assembly Removal and Installation".

Crankshaft Inspection

Crankshaft Runout
Using a dial gauge, measure runout at center journal.
Rotate crankshaft slowly. If runout exceeds its limit,
replace crankshaft.
Crankshaft runout
Limit: 0.02 mm (0.0008 in.)
Crankshaft Thrust Play
1) Measure this play with crankshaft set in cylinder
block in the normal manner, that is with thrust
bearing (1) and journal bearing caps installed.
Thickness of crankshaft thrust bearing
Standard: 2.470 – 2.520 mm (0.0972 – 0.0992 in.)
Oversize (0.125 mm (0.0049 in.)): 2.533 – 2.583
mm (0.0997 – 0.1017 in.)


Table of Contents

Table of Contents