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5A-4 Automatic Transmission/Transaxle:
Slip controlled lock-up function (if equipped)
Even at a lower speed than when the TCC gets engaged completely, control over the TCC pressure control solenoid
works to cause the TCC to slip (be engaged slightly), thereby improving the transmission efficiency. While such slip
control is being executed, the oil pressure applied to the TCC is controlled by the TCC pressure control solenoid so
that the difference between the engine speed and the input shaft speed becomes close to the specified value.
Also, during deceleration, the TCC is made to slip (be engaged slightly) to raise the engine speed and enlarge the fuel
cut operation range so that better fuel consumption is achieved.
Due to this reason, it is absolutely necessary for the automatic transmission to use ATF suitable for slip control. Use of
any fluid other than the specified ATF may cause juddering or some other faulty condition to occur.
There are two types of A/T system, with slip control and without slip control, depending on the vehicle
It is possible to identify each system by label (1) on TCM (2) as follows.
• "E0": A/T system with slip control.
• Other than "E0": A/T system without slip control.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents