Engine Lubrication System; General Description; Engine Lubrication Description - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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1E-1 Engine Lubrication System:

Engine Lubrication System


General Description

Engine Lubrication Description

The oil pump is of a trochoid type, and mounted on the crankshaft. Oil is drawn up through the oil pump strainer and
passed through the pump to the oil filter.
The filtered oil flows into two paths in cylinder block.
In one path, oil reaches the crankshaft journal bearings. Oil from the crankshaft journal bearings is supplied to the
connecting rod bearings by means of intersecting passages drilled in the crankshaft, and then injected from the big
end of connecting rod to lubricate piston, rings and cylinder wall.
In the other path oil goes up to the cylinder head and lubricates valves and camshafts, etc., after passing through the
internal oil way of camshafts.
An oil relief valve is provided on the oil pump. This valve starts relieving oil pressure when the pressure exceeds
specified pressure.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents