Repair Instructions; Clutch Pedal Inspection; Clutch Fluid Level Inspection; Air Bleeding Of Clutch System - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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5C-3 Clutch:

Clutch Pedal Inspection

Cylinder Push Rod Play "a"
1) Press clutch pedal (1) gradually with finger, stop
when slight increase of resistance is felt and
measure how much pedal has moved (push rod
play) as represented by "a" as shown.
Push rod play
"a": Max. 3 mm (0.12 in.)
2) If "a" is not within specification, replace master
cylinder (3) or pedal arm (2).
Clutch Pedal Free Travel "b"
1) Depress clutch pedal (1), stop the moment clutch
resistance is felt, and measure how much pedal has
moved (clutch pedal free travel) as represented by
"b" in the figure.
Clutch pedal free travel "b"
: 2 – 8 mm (0.08 – 0.31 in.)
2) If "b" is not within specification, check pedal arm (2)
and master cylinder (3) and replace defective part.
Clutch Release Margin "c"
1) Pull up parking brake fully and block wheels.
2) Start engine and keep engine at idle with neutral
gear position.
3) Without clutch pedal (1) depressed, slightly push the
shift lever to reverse position until transaxle emits
gear contact noise. Do not shift the lever to reverse
4) With emitting gear contact noise, be slow to depress
clutch pedal (1), and at gear contact noise died
position (release point) stop depressing.
5) Measure distance between release point (4) and full
stroke point (5) on clutch pedal (1) which is shown by
"c" in the figure.
Clutch release margin
"c": 25 – 55 mm (0.98 – 2.17 in.)

Repair Instructions

6) If "c" is not within specification, it is possible that air
is trapped in this system. If suspected so, bleed air
referring to "Air Bleeding of Clutch System".Upon
completion of above inspection, start engine and
check clutch for proper operation.

Clutch Fluid Level Inspection

Refer to "Brake Fluid Level Inspection in Section 4A".
Clutch fluid specification
: Refer to the reservoir cap of the brake master

Air Bleeding of Clutch System

When operating the pedal stroke for air
bleeding of clutch system, after releasing the
clutch pedal, be sure to wait 1 second or
more before depressing it again. Otherwise,
the oil seal of operating cylinder will be
damaged, resulting in oil leakage.
Bleed air from clutch system.
Refer to "Air Bleeding of Brake System in Section 4A".


Table of Contents

Table of Contents