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Suzuki SX4 Service Manual page 326

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1D-44 Engine Mechanical:
6) Install valve to valve guide.
Before installing valve to valve guide, apply engine
oil to stem seal, valve guide bore and valve stem.
7) Install valve spring and spring retainer.
Each valve spring has top end (large-pitch end (1))
and bottom end (small-pitch end (2)). Be sure to
position spring in place with its bottom end (small-
pitch end) facing the bottom (valve spring seat side).
A: Valve spring retainer side
B: Valve spring seat side
8) Using special tools (Valve lifter), compress valve
spring and fit two valve cotters (1) into groove in
valve stem.
When compressing the valve spring, be
carefully to free from damage in inside face
of tappet installing hole.
Special tool
(A): 09916–14510
(B): 09916–14521
(C): 09916–84511
9) Install intake manifold referring to "Intake Manifold
Removal and Installation".
10) Install fuel injectors referring to "Fuel Injector
Removal and Installation in Section 1G".
11) Install exhaust manifold referring to "Exhaust
Manifold Removal and Installation in Section 1K".


Table of Contents

Table of Contents