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For tripod joint type
Judging from abnormality noted before disassembly and
what is found through visual check of component parts
after disassembly, prepare replacing parts and proceed
to reassembly.
Make sure that wheel side joint assembly (1) and tripod
joint housing (2) are washed thoroughly and air dried.
Replace boot(s) (3) with new one(s).
• Do not wash boots in degreaser such as
gasoline or kerosene. etc. Washing in
degreaser causes deterioration of boot.
• To ensure full performance of joint as
designed, be sure to distinguish between
two types of grease in repair set and apply
specified volume to respective joint
referring to the followings for identification
of the grease.
[A]: Wheel side
[B]: Differential side (or center shaft side)
1) Wash disassembled parts (except boots). After
washing, dry parts completely by blowing air.
2) Clean boots with cloth.
3) Apply grease to wheel side joint. Use specified
grease in tube in wheel side boot set as a spare
Grease color
: Black
: 55 – 75 g (1.9 – 2.6 oz)
4) Install wheel side boot on shaft.
5) Fill up boot inside with specified grease.
6) Place new wheel side boot big band (3) and small
band (4) onto boot putting band outer end (1) against
forward rotation (2) as shown in figure.
7) Fasten boot bands (1) securely using special tool as
shown in figure.
Do not squeeze or distort boot when
fastening it with bands.
Distorted boot caused by squeezing air may
reduce its durability.
Distance "a"
: 2.6 ± 1.4 mm (0.102 ± 0.055 in.)
Special tool
(A): 09943–57010
Drive Shaft / Axle: Front 3A-10


Table of Contents

Table of Contents