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1D-12 Engine Mechanical:
1) Install new spark plug hole gaskets (1) and new
cylinder head cover gasket (2) to cylinder head cover
(3) as shown in figure.
2) Remove oil, old sealant, and dust from sealing
surfaces on cylinder head and cover. After cleaning,
apply sealant "A" to the following point.
• Cylinder head cover gasket (1) sealing surface
area (2) as shown.
"A": Water tight sealant 99000–31250
(SUZUKI Bond No.1207F)
• Timing chain cover (1) and cylinder head (2)
mating surface as shown.
"A": Water tight sealant 99000–31250
(SUZUKI Bond No.1207F)
3) Install cylinder head cover to cylinder head.
When installing cylinder head cover, use care
so that cylinder head cover gasket or spark
plug hole gaskets will not get out of place or
fall off.
4) Tightening bolts in numerical order ("1" through "7")
as shown in figure a little at a time till they are
tightened to specified torque.
Tightening torque
Cylinder head cover bolt (a): Tighten 8 N⋅m (0.8
kgf-m, 6.0 lb-ft) by the specified procedure
5) Connect PCV hose (2) to PCV valve (3).
6) Connect breather hose (4).
7) Install oil level gauge (1).
8) Install ignition coil assemblies to cylinder head cover
referring to "Ignition Coil Assembly (Including Ignitor)
Removal and Installation in Section 1H".
9) Connect ignition coil couplers and clamp harness
10) Install cylinder head upper cover.
11) Install air cleaner assembly referring to "Air Cleaner
Assembly Removal and Installation".
12) Connect negative cable at battery.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents