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Precautions In Speedometer Test Or Other Tests; General Description; Electronic Stability Program System Description - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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4F-2 Electronic Stability Program:

Precautions in Speedometer Test or Other Tests

When performing speedometer or other tests using speedometer tester or chassis dynamometer, ESP® function must
be deactivated by ESP® OFF switch or using SUZUKI scan tool to complete the tests correctly.
When using SUZUKI scan tool, set to the "MISC. TEST" mode to stop the ESP® function. Refer to SUZUKI scan tool
operator's manual for further details.
Even if ESP® is controlled not to work by pushing ESP® OFF switch or using SUZUKI scan tool, ESP®
is reactivated when ignition switch is turned ON after ignition switch is turned OFF.

Electronic Stability Program System Description

Electronic Stability Program (ESP®) is an auxiliary function to enable the vehicle to avoid a danger safely while the
vehicle is running, stopping or turning.
Electronic Stability Program (ESP®) consists of following functions.
ESP® is registered trademark of Daimler Chrysler AG.
Antilock Brake System (ABS) function
This function prevents tire locking which may occur when brake is applied suddenly or on slippery roads. With this
function, as the vehicle is kept in the stable state and tires unlocked, the driver can avoid any obstacle by turning the
steering wheel.
Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) function
This function distributes braking force of front and rear wheels properly according to the vehicle load condition.
With this function, the braking force of the front and rear wheels is controlled for the optimum effect to secure the
maximum braking force regardless of the loadage.
Traction Control System (TCS) function
This function controls the engine and brake to prevent the driving wheels from spinning at the time of starting and
Particularly, this function is helpful for safe driving on muddy or icy roads. When ESP® control module detects wheel
spinning using information from the yaw rate sensor and wheel speed sensor, it lower the engine torque by closing the
electronic controlled throttle and controlling ignition. At the same time, brake is applied to the spinning tire.
Stability Control function
This function controls the vehicle in the stable state by controlling the engine and braking so as to prevent the vehicle
from over-steering or under-steering while turning.
When under-steering occurs, this function lowers the engine torque and applies brake to the inner rear wheel in the
vehicle forward direction so as to prevent the vehicle from moving outward.
When over-steering occurs, this function applies brake to the outer front wheel in the vehicle forward direction so as to
prevent the vehicle from moving inward.

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Table of Contents