Component Location; Electronic Stability Program Component Location - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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4F-10 Electronic Stability Program:
4. Junction block assembly
5. Brake light switch
6. Brake light
7. To ECM and shift lock relay (A/T model)
8. BCM (included in junction block assembly)
9. CAN driver
10. Data link connector (DLC)
11. To HVAC control module (auto A/C model) and
4WD control module
12. To SDM
13. To TCM (A/T model), P/S control module
Connector "E08" (ESP® Control Module Connector)
1 CAN communication line (high) for ECM and TCM (A/T model)
2 CAN communication line (high)
6 ESP® OFF switch input
7 Brake light switch
9 Ignition switch
10 Left-rear wheel speed sensor (–)
11 Left-front wheel speed sensor (+)
12 CAN communication line (low) for ECM and TCM (A/T model)
13 CAN communication line (low)
16 Serial communication line of data link connector
17 Right-front wheel speed sensor (–)
18 Right-front wheel speed sensor (+)
19 Right-rear wheel speed sensor (–)
20 Right-rear wheel speed sensor (+)
21 Left-rear wheel speed sensor (+)
22 Left-front wheel speed sensor (–)
23 Ground
24 Power supply for solenoid valve
25 Power supply for pump motor
26 Ground for pump motor

Electronic Stability Program Component Location

The figure shows left-hand steering vehicle. For right-hand steering vehicle, parts with (*) are installed
at the opposite side.
18. ABS warning light
19. EBD warning light (brake warning light)
20. ESP® warning light
21. SLIP indicator light
22. ESP® OFF light
23. Light driver module
24. CAN junction connector
25. Keyless start control module
26. 4WD control module
27. Steering angle sensor

Component Location

32. Left-rear wheel speed sensor
33. Right-rear wheel speed sensor
34. ESP® hydraulic unit / control module
35. ESP® OFF switch
36. Pump motor driver (transistor)
37. Pump motor
38. Solenoid valve power supply driver
39. Solenoid valves
40. Solenoid valve driver (transistor)
41. Master cylinder pressure sensor


Table of Contents

Table of Contents