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8B-3 Air Bag System:
• For handling and storage of a live air bag
(inflator) module, select a place where the
ambient temperature below 65 °C (150 °F),
without high humidity and away from
electric noise.
• When carrying a live air bag (inflator)
module, make sure the bag opening is
pointed away from you. In case of an
accidental deployment, the bag will then
deploy with minimal chance of injury.
Never carry the air bag (inflator) module by
the wires or connector on the underside of
the module.
Otherwise, personal injury may result.
When leaving or storing live air bag (inflator)
module unattended on bench or other
surface, always its bag (trim cover) facing up
and away from surface.
It is also prohibited to place anything on top
of the trim cover and stack air bag (inflator)
This is necessary so that a free space is
provided to allow the air bag to expand in the
unlikely event of accidental deployment.
Otherwise, personal injury may result.
Live (Inactivated) Seat Belt Pretensioner
Special care is necessary when handling and storing a
live (inactivated) seat belt pretensioners.
Also, when the seat belt pretensioners activate, gas is
generated and the seat belt (1) is retracted into the
retractor assembly (2) quickly.
Note, therefore, that if they activate accidentally, the seat
belt pretensioners and other object(s) around them may
be thrown through the air.
Never attempt to measure the resistance of
the seat belt pretensioners. It is very
dangerous as the electric current from the
tester may activate pretensioner.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents