Rear Brake Hose / Pipe Components; Rear Brake Hose And Pipe Removal And Installation; Brake Hose And Pipe Inspection - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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4A-10 Brake Control System and Diagnosis:

Rear Brake Hose / Pipe Components

1. To left rear brake hose
2. To right rear brake hose
3. Left rear brake hose
4. Right rear brake hose
Rear Brake Hose and Pipe Removal and
Do not allow brake fluid to get on painted
surfaces. Painted surfaces will be damaged
by brake fluid, flush it with water immediately
if any fluid is spilled.
1) Hoist vehicle and remove tire and wheel.
2) Clean dirt and foreign material from both flexible
hose end and pipe end fittings.
3) Drain brake fluid in reservoir.
4) Remove brake flexible hose or pipe.
Reverse brake flexible hose removal procedure, noting
the following.
• Install clamps and tighten nuts referring to "Rear
Brake Hose / Pipe Components".
• Fill and maintain brake fluid level in reservoir.
• Bleed brake system. Refer to "Air Bleeding of Brake
• Perform brake test and check each installed part for
fluid leakage.
• When installing hose, make sure that it has no twist or
5. Left rear brake hose to left brake
6. Right rear brake hose to right brake
: 16 N⋅m (1.6 kgf-m, 12.0 lb-ft)

Brake Hose and Pipe Inspection

Perform this inspection where these is enough light and
use a mirror as necessary.
• Check brake hoses and pipes for proper hookup,
leaks, cracks, chafing and other damage.
• Check that hoses and pipes are clear of sharp edges
and moving parts.
Replace these parts as necessary.
After replacing brake pipe or hose, be sure to
carry out air purge operation referring to "Air
Bleeding of Brake System".


Table of Contents

Table of Contents