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Manual Transmission/Transaxle:
Manual Transmission/Transaxle
Transmission / Transaxle

General Description

Manual Transaxle Construction
The transaxle provides five forward speeds and one reverse speed by means of three synchromesh devices and three
shafts-input shaft, countershaft and reverse gear shaft. All forward gears are in constant mesh, and reverse uses a
sliding idler gear arrangement.
The low speed sleeve & hub is mounted on countershaft and engaged with countershaft 1st gear or 2nd gear, while
the high speed sleeve & hub is done on input shaft and engaged with input shaft 3rd gear or 4th gear. The 5th speed
sleeve & hub on input shaft is engaged with input shaft 5th gear mounted on the input shaft.
To prevent the cracking noise from the reverse gear when shifting transaxle gear into the reverse gear, the reverse
shift braking device is used.
The device utilizes the 5th synchromesh, which is the lever synchro type, to apply the brake on the input shaft rotation.
The double cone synchronizing mechanism is provided to 2nd gear synchromesh device for high performance of
shifting to 2nd gear.
For servicing, it is necessary to use genuine sealant or its equivalent on mating surfaces of transaxle case which is
made of aluminum. The case fastening bolts must be tightened to specified torque by means of torque wrench. It is
also important that all parts are thoroughly cleaned with cleaning fluid and air dried before reassembling.
Further, care must be taken to adjust preload of countershaft taper roller bearings. New synchronizer rings are
prohibited from being lapped with respective gear cones by using lapping compound before they are assembled.
1. Input shaft
6. Input shaft 3rd gear
11. Countershaft
16. Countershaft 2nd gear


Table of Contents

Table of Contents