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5A-162 Automatic Transmission/Transaxle:
94) Install manual select lever (1).
Tightening torque
Manual select lever nut (a): 13 N·m (1.3 kgf-m,
9.5 lb-ft)
95) Install engine mounting LH bracket (1). Tighten
engine mounting LH bracket bolts and nut to
specified torque referring to "Engine Mountings
Components in Section 1D".
96) Install torque converter (3) noting the following
• Before installing converter, make sure that
its pump hub portion is free from nicks,
burrs or damage which may cause oil seal
to leak.
• Be very careful not to drop converter on oil
pump gear. Damage in gear, should it
occur, may cause a critical trouble.
• Install torque converter aligning grooves (1) of
torque converter and projection (2) of oil pump
drive gear.
• Install torque converter, using care not to damage
oil seal of oil pump.
• After installing torque converter, check that
distance "a" is within specification.
Torque converter installing position
"a": More than 19.9 mm (0.783 in.)
• Check torque converter for smooth rotation.
• Apply grease around cup (6) at the center of
torque converter.
"C": Grease 99000–25011 (SUZUKI Super
Grease A)
4. Flange nut
5. Torque converter housing


Table of Contents

Table of Contents