Malfunction Indicator Lamp Remains On After Engine Starts - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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1A-54 Engine General Information and Diagnosis:

Malfunction Indicator Lamp Remains ON after Engine Starts

Wiring Diagram
Refer to "Malfunction Indicator Lamp Does Not Come ON with Ignition Switch ON and Engine Stop (but Engine Can
Be Started)".
Circuit Description
When the ignition switch is turned ON, ECM causes the main relay to turn ON (close the contact point). Then, ECM
being supplied with the main power, transmits indication ON signal of malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) to combination
meter in order to turn MIL ON. And then, combination meter turns MIL ON. When the engine starts to run and no
malfunction is detected in the system, ECM transmits MIL indication OFF signal to combination meter in order to turn
MIL OFF. And then, combination meter turns MIL OFF, but if a malfunction was or is detected, MIL remains ON even
when the engine is running.
• Before performed trouble shooting, be sure to read the "Precautions of ECM Circuit Inspection".
• When measuring circuit voltage, resistance and/or pulse signal at ECM connector, connect the
special tool to ECM and/or the ECM connectors referring to "Inspection of ECM and Its Circuits".
DTC check
1) Start engine and recheck DTC of ECM and TCM (for A/T
model) while engine running.
Is there any DTC(s)?
CAN communication line circuit check
1) Check CAN communication line circuit between control
modules for open, short, high resistance and
connections referring to Step 5 to 10 under
"Troubleshooting for Communication Error with Scan
Tool Using CAN".
Is circuit in good condition?
Go to Step 2 of "Engine
and Emission Control
System Check", Step 2
of "A/T System Check in
Section 5A".
Substitute a known-
good combination meter
and recheck. If MIL still
remains ON, substitute
a known-good ECM and
Go to Step 2.
Repair or replace CAN
communication circuit.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents