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1A-50 Engine General Information and Diagnosis:
Improper engine idling or
engine fails to idle
Possible cause
Faulty spark plug
Leaky or disconnected high-tension cord "High-Tension Cord Removal and Installation
Faulty ignition coil with ignitor
Fuel pressure out of specification
Leaky manifold, throttle body, or cylinder
head gasket
Malfunctioning EGR valve
Faulty evaporative emission control
Faulty EGR system
Faulty fuel injector(s)
Poor performance of ECT sensor or
MAF sensor
Faulty electric throttle body assembly
Faulty APP sensor assembly
Faulty ECM
Loose connection or disconnection of
vacuum hoses
Malfunctioning PCV valve
Engine overheating
Low compression
Camshaft position control (VVT) system
out of order (for engine with VVT
Correction / Reference Item
"Spark Plug Inspection in Section 1H"
in Section 1H"
"Ignition Coil Assembly (Including Ignitor)
Inspection in Section 1H"
"Fuel Pressure Check"
"EGR Valve Inspection (If Equipped) in Section
"EVAP Canister Purge Inspection in Section
"EGR System Inspection (If Equipped) in
Section 1B"
"Fuel Injector Circuit Check"
"Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor
Inspection in Section 1C", or "Intake Air
Temperature (IAT) Sensor Inspection in
Section 1C"
"Electric Throttle Body Assembly On-Vehicle
Inspection in Section 1C"
"Accelerator Pedal Position (APP) Sensor
Assembly Inspection in Section 1C"
"PCV Valve Inspection in Section 1B"
Condition "Engine overheating"
"Compression Check in Section 1D"
"Oil Control Valve Inspection (For Engine with
VVT) in Section 1D"


Table of Contents

Table of Contents