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Precautions In Servicing 4Wd Model; Precautions For Catalytic Converter; Propeller Shaft - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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00-7 Precautions:

Precautions in Servicing 4WD Model

• Never perform any of the following [A], [B]
and [C] types of service work.
If it is performed while 4WD-auto mode or
4WD-lock mode is selected, front wheels
(or rear wheels) drive rear wheels (or front
wheels) and vehicle accident, drivetrain
damage and personal injury may result.
Also, if it is performed while 2WD mode is
selected, the coupling may be damaged
because of the difference in revolution
speed between front wheels and rear
[A]: Testing with 2-wheel chassis dynamometer or speedometer tester.
[B]: Driving front wheels, which are jacked up.
[C]: Towing under the condition where either front or rear wheels can not
• When testing with 2-wheel chassis
dynamometer or speedometer tester, be
sure to select 4WD system to 4WD-auto
mode or 4WD-lock mode and use 2-wheel
free roller together or make the vehicle as
front wheel drive by removing propeller
• When testing with 2-wheel brake tester, be
sure to observe the following instructions.
Otherwise, drivetrain damage and personal
injury may result.
– Shift transaxle to N (Neutral) position.
– Select 4WD system to 2WD mode.
– Run engine at specified idle speed.
– Rotate wheels (tires) by brake tester at
– Do not rotate wheels (tires) for 1 min. or
• When using On-vehicle type wheel
balancing equipment (1), be sure to select
4WD system to 4WD-auto mode or 4WD-
lock mode and jack up all four wheels, off
the ground completely and support vehicle
with safety stands (2).
Be careful of other wheels, which will
rotate at the same time.
Using it with 2WD mode may damage
• This vehicle should be towed under one of
the following conditions:
– With all wheels on a flatbed truck.
– With all wheels on the ground.

Precautions for Catalytic Converter

For vehicles equipped with a catalytic converter, use
only unleaded gasoline and be careful not to let a large
amount of unburned gasoline enter the converter or it
can be damaged.
• Conduct a spark jump test only when necessary,
make it as short as possible, and do not open the
• Conduct engine compression checks within the
shortest possible time.
• Avoid situations which can result in engine misfire
(e.g. starting the engine when the fuel tank is nearly
vehicle speed below 5 km/h (3 mile/h).


Table of Contents

Table of Contents