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SUZUKI strongly recommends the use of genuine SUZUKI parts* and accessories. Genuine SUZUKI parts and
accessories are built to the highest standards of quality and performance, and are designed to fit the vehicle's
exact specifications.
A wide variety of non-genuine replacement parts and accessories for SUZUKI vehicles are currently available in
the market. Using these parts and accessories can affect the vehicle performance and shorten its useful life.
Therefore, installation of non-genuine SUZUKI parts and accessories is not covered under warranty.
Non-Genuine SUZUKI Parts and Accessories
Some parts and accessories may be approved by certain authorities in your country.
Some parts and accessories are sold as SUZUKI authorized replacement parts and accessories. Some genu-
ine SUZUKI parts and accessories are sold as re-use parts and accessories. These parts and accessories are
non-genuine Suzuki parts and accessories and use of these parts are not covered under warranty.
Re-use of Genuine SUZUKI Parts and Accessories
The resale or re-use of the following items which could give rise to safety hazards for users is expressly forbid-
1) Airbag components and all other pyrotechnic items, including their components (e.g. cushion, control
devices and sensors)
2) Seatbelt system, including their components (e.g. webbing, buckles, and retractors)
The air bag and seat belt pretensioner components contain explosive chemicals. These components should be
removed and disposed of properly by SUZUKI authorized service shop or scrap yard to avoid unintended explo-
sion before scrapping.
*The parts remanufactured under SUZUKI's approval can be used as genuine SUZUKI parts in Europe.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents