Suzuki SX4 Service Manual page 16

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00-9 Precautions:
• When connecting connectors, also hold connectors
and put them together until they lock securely (a click
is heard).
• When installing the wiring harness, fix it with clamps
so that no slack is left.
• When installing vehicle parts, be careful so that the
wiring harness is not interfered with or caught by any
other part.
• To avoid damage to the harness, protect its part which
may contact against a part forming a sharp angle by
winding tape or the like around it.
• Be careful not to touch the electrical terminals of parts
which use microcomputers (e.g. electronic control unit
like as ECM, PCM, P/S controller, etc.). The static
electricity from your body can damage these parts.
• Never connect any tester (voltmeter, ohmmeter, or
whatever) to electronic control unit when its coupler is
disconnected. Attempt to do it may cause damage to
• Never connect an ohmmeter to electronic control unit
with its coupler connected to it. Attempt to do it may
cause damage to electronic control unit and sensors.
• Be sure to use a specified voltmeter / ohmmeter.
Otherwise, accurate measurements may not be
obtained or personal injury may result. If not specified,
use a voltmeter with high impedance (M Ω/V
minimum) or a digital type voltmeter.
• When taking measurements at electrical connectors
using a tester probe, be sure to insert the probe (2)
from the wire harness side (backside) of the
connector (1).


Table of Contents

Table of Contents